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The King's Table Community Lunch

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The King's Table launched in July 2014.


Our Mission

To create a family atmosphere where we can develop compassionate relationships with the community, giving them a sanctuary in which they can relax and feel loved.  We treat everyone who comes as our guest and we seek to give them the opportunity to find restoration and hope in the time they spend with us. To do this, we go out of our way to provide a service that is exceptional and different, showing those in need that they are valued, recognized and appreciated.

We are actively seeking those who are in need of rest and support, each week visiting the highways and byways where we know people are affected by challenging issues. New faces are continually coming through our doors and we are also seeing some regular guests coming back and even becoming involved in other ways in the New Hope community.

Why the King's Table?


Our guests truly are in great need and we have seen many people affected by homelessness issues come through our doors from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, as well as the deaf, the addicted, the lonely, the poor and the broken.


What We Do


We share a delicious lunch followed by desserts and coffee with our guests. The guests are seated at a restaurant-style table as a way of showing honour and respect by a team of volunteers who serve them food and drinks. So far on the menu, we have had Roast Lamb, Pea and Ham Soup, Ravioli, Sticky Date Pudding and a High Tea. 

We also provide other useful items such as groceries from our food pantry, clothing, blankets, and toiletries, as needed by our guests.

Great Outcomes
It has been a great joy to us to be able to practically help those who have crossed our paths. For example, we have managed to find accommodation for people needing immediate shelter, including two indigenous people and a couple with a baby on the way.


New Hope Care is about doing life with people so this is such an exciting outcome for us.  We have even been featured in the North West News and in a Christmas TV special on Channel 10!

We Value Your Support


The amazing response to ‘The Kings Table’ has shown us that we have two minibuses to help pick up guests from rehabilitation centres and hostels. If you would like any further information on this or would like to help, please contact us here.

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